We can plug in as needed, or handle the entire project.



Your dedicated relationship manager keeps you up-to-date on your project’s progress. We have a strong track record of staying on budget and on schedule, and as a result, we maintain long-term relationships with our customers.

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Instructional Design

Sound instructional design creates a two-way dialog with the learner, respecting both their time and their intelligence. Our instructional design wins awards, delights learners, and gets business results.

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Needs Analysis

Creative solutions start with a clear, behavior-focused definition of the problem. We “take the plunge,” and work with you to organize, prioritize, and clearly define the desired outcomes and behavior changes.

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Scripting & Storyboarding

We gravitate toward natural conversational language and peer-to-peer communication. Our scripts are simple, clear, organized, and respectful of the learner’s intelligence.

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We program in a variety of tools and languages. We keep up with the ever evolving standards. And, of course, the key to keeping up is coffee. Tools change, but coffee stays the same.

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Graphic Design

Graphic design should fit your corporate culture, simplify your message, and engage your viewer. Presentations, interfaces, and info-graphics are our forte.

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Audio is one of our specialties. We provide you with choices for your voices, allow you to listen in and correct real-time while recording, and optimize audio for real world delivery.

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We call upon a network of proven production partners and studio facilities for shoots. We do all video post-production, 3D animation, and compression in-house.

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We use the metrics discovered in the beginning to evaluate our success at project’s end. We use assessments, feedback, pre/post tests, LMS stats, and follow-up surveys, as required.

Secret Ingredients

included free with all services


We are experienced in various tools, techniques, and tricks, and experienced in various industries: Pharma, Banking, Military, Education, Consumer Products, Manufacturing… you name it, we’ve worked on it. We are like design commandos. We repel down from our chopper, understand and solve the problem, and move on to the next experience.


Distance is our super power. Like Superman in Metropolis, we are visitors. We arrive as a child in your world: ask questions, listen, clarify, and organize information. We are immune to the “paralysis of analysis” which can weaken those¬† within your world. On Krypton, Superman cannot fly, but on Earth, he has a secret weapon: distance.


We focus on creatively connecting with learners, so that we can effectively translate and deliver your message to them. We harness the feedback we gathered from thousands of learners to understand what works and what does not. Our communications and training get business results because we always keep the learner as our focus.